Strategic Planning
We had a wonderful experience with our strategic planning process and, more specifically, with Dorel as our facilitator. She encouraged us to focus on what we do well and to build on those strengths. It was a refreshing change to a process that my Board professed to dreading, and one to which they became converts!
Sara Woods
Executive Director, VIP (Philadelphia Volunteers for the Indigent Program)

Dorel Shanon Consulting helps clients create inspiring, dynamic plans for their futures, plans which succeed because they are also realistic, measurable, supported by clear organizational structures, and routinely assessed.

Each planning engagement is customized to the particular needs of a client and guided by these values:

Staff/Board Leadership Involvement:

By involving leaders and staff throughout the process, the resulting plan reflects the organization’s mission, values, culture and unique strengths.

Constituent Involvement & Alignment:

Active participation of key constituents strengthens alignment towards a shared vision for the future. In consultation with Board and staff, the organization may choose to involve partner organizations, clients and key funders.

Measurable Outcomes:

While reflecting the values and mission of each organization, a strategic plan must also be practical, concrete and founded upon solid business practices. The final plan includes goals and strategies that are specific, measurable and achievable, providing a clear blueprint for staff and Board.

Continuous Assessment:

Throughout the planning engagement both processes and products are assessed. Lessons learned, insights gained, and mid-course corrections are an expected and essential element of planning, as they are in day-to-day operations.

Strengths-Based Approach:

Both the planning process and the final product are based on what works best in an organization, in order to create a strong foundation for the future.