Leadership Development
Dorel’s work was exceptional. She clearly connected with each participant, gaining respect and facilitating staff ownership of the process and outcomes. The impact of her work continues to guide our leadership development efforts, and has been incorporated into agency strategic planning.
Fred Citron
Executive Director/CEO, Montgomery Early Learning Centers

Dorel Shanon Consulting creates tailored leadership development programs for formal and informal leaders of all levels of an organization. We help grow and sustain successful leadership practices to further your organization’s mission.

Each Leadership Development program includes the following components:

  • Development of concrete management and leadership skills, such as giving and receiving feedback, developing employees, facilitating team work, and managing priorities.
  • Structured peer coaching to support ongoing implementation of successful norms and practices.
  • A strengths-based approach that helps leaders to maximize existing skills while developing areas of potential growth.
  • Teaching of organizational development theories and models related to successful leadership practices.

An important aspect of our Leadership Development program is the use of Planning Groups, which help us design a program that fits the unique goals of each organization.

Planning Groups achieve the following outcomes:

  • Identifying priorities for leadership skill development.
  • Providing ongoing feedback on the leadership program design and implementation, including mid-course changes.
  • Creating measurable strategies to integrate leadership program goals into daily operations.
  • Managing the ongoing integration of leadership development in the organization.