Board Development
It is astounding what Dorel accomplished in her three years as our Board Chair! She was an executive director's dream.
Susan Schewel
Executive Director, Women’s Medical Fund

Boards of Directors serve a uniquely challenging and vital role in non-profit organizations. As volunteers, Board members are responsible for many essential tasks: hiring, supporting and evaluating the CEO/Executive Director; leading strategic planning efforts; overseeing the organization’s finances; governance and raising funds. Effective Boards are instrumental in helping organizations fulfill their missions. Successful Boards tap their members’ time, skills and passionate commitment to further the work of nonprofit leaders and staff.

Dorel Shanon Consulting is experienced in helping Boards of Directors to succeed. We work closely with staff leaders and volunteers to address the following questions:

  • What are the necessary roles and responsibilities that Boards must fulfill?
  • What key tasks must the Board accomplish?
  • How will the Board create the most effective and sustainable structures and processes to accomplish their work?
  • Who will the Board recruit as members, and how will it orient and support members in accomplishing their goals?

By helping Boards of Directors to thoughtfully address these and other questions, they can fulfill their responsibilities with clarity, energy and enthusiasm. Our expertise in Board Development helps nonprofits to build strong and effective volunteer leadership for their organizations.