Dorel assisted us through some huge organizational challenges, and not only made us feel supported, organized and clear about our tasks, but helped us to feel inspired and to be inspiring to others.
Cathy Carr
Executive Director, Community Legal Services

Our clients undertake extraordinary missions. Their work is crucial to the lives and wellbeing of countless individuals. We are privileged to partner with these organizations and deeply committed to providing them with the highest quality consulting services. Our approach to our work is based on the following beliefs and values:


The most successful processes and outcomes are fostered by effective partnerships, which generate energy, creativity and impact. Developing partnerships with our clients, among staff within client organizations, and between our clients and their key stakeholders is central to our approach.

Clients As Experts

Our clients bring the greatest expertise about their organizations to each consulting engagement. They have the deepest knowledge and understanding of their work, their constituents, and their needs. Vital to the success of each project is our clients’ thoughtful involvement, ownership and leadership.

Building on Strengths

The individuals, teams and organizations we work with possess many talents and strengths. We work with our clients to identify and maximize these strengths to achieve stated goals. Our focus on strengths is based on the belief that within each individual and organization, the greatest areas of growth and development arise from existing strengths.

Ongoing Assessment

There is learning to be gained in every interaction with our clients. We therefore provide ongoing opportunities for assessing goals as well as strategies and processes for achieving those goals. Continuous assessment ensures we remain flexible and responsive to needs throughout the life of a project.